Genoud Arts graphiques SA is a specialised and excellent printing company. Since 1957, “Swiss Made”, that is what it is!

Our team of experts has many years of experience and different backgrounds: product design, creation, printing. We help companies to differentiate themselves with exceptional print services.

Our services from A to Z

It is not about the reproduction of colours on white paper. Our range of services is far more extensive. Every customer has a different project. We develop individual solutions for each work. We offer a wide range of competences. We create photographs of products and works in our own photo studio or at your premises. We advise and design graphic models, develop design and haptics. If desired, we can also take care of the logistics. No matter if book, catalogue, brochure, or leaflet.

Our history

A pioneer in commercial offset printing and photocomposition, founded in Lausanne in 1957 by Jean Genoud, our company has gained an international reputation. Combining creativity, technical rigour, and loving challenges, we have and continue to explore new avenues. Manufacturers of outstanding watches, jewellers, private bankers, museums, galleries, designers, manifold clients who entrust us with the task of giving form and substance to their communications media.

Our abilities

You will find that we listen and realise your project with mindfulness and dedication. We offer our expertise to companies, organisations and customers who have the highest demands. A difference to normal printed matter. Differentiation in appearance and communication creates an effective competitive advantage. No matter what you present.
World-famous brands and companies from the watch, jewellery and perfumery industry trust us. As well as nationally and internationally renowned museums and galleries, famous artists and photographers and the best creative agencies of today. Because every day we make sure that our DNA remains recognisable.

“Our collaboration has always been marked by the search for excellence and the will to innovate. Over the years, we have seen that these criteria have never changed, which has enabled us to make Imprimerie Genoud one of our longest-standing and most loyal partners.”

Our promise of quality

The implemented quality management ensures the adherence to the process steps and the continuous improvement process allows to meet the growing requirements. Without impairing creativity and dynamics. Accordingly, we also provide our employees with continuous further training.

For more than 10 years Ugra PSO (Process Standard Offset according to ISO 12637) has been an integral part of our way of thinking and working. We master the high-resolution reproduction of photographs and works of art. Colour management is a fixed component of our printing workflow.

Our environmental commitment

Bad printed matter destroys our environment. They steal resources and end up in wastepaper after a very short time. Quality printing has a massively extended life cycle. Once it reaches the recipient, no more energy is consumed. The print products we manufacture are not only stored but retained.

We are very conscious of our obligation to the environment. For this reason, we have integrated several environmentally friendly standards and requirements into our activities: Imprim’Vert®, FSC and Climate Partner®. We are proud to report a steady reduction in energy consumption and long-term savings targets have been agreed with the relevant authorities. A respectful use of all our resources is important to us.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy

Genoud Entreprise d’Arts graphiques SA is a key player in the provision of services and production of quality digital and offset printing. Concerned about its economic, social and environmental impact, the company is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by implementing a whole series of actions aimed at promoting and preserving these issues in the long term.