and the protection of artistic

Genoud and Haltadefinizione:
united in the name of culture

Dedication, skill and professionalism are only possible when founded on heartfelt passion.
Passion is the cornerstone to the partnership between Genoud and Haltadefinizione, two of the most important multi-service companies both in Italy and abroad for the arts and culture sector.

For years, they have shared a common theme; the protection, the valorisation and the digitalisation of artistic and cultural heritage, offering innovative services that satisfy all the demands of the sector.

  • Projects for the digitalisation, fruition and protection of cultural heritage and archives.
  • Photogrammetric, 3D and multispectral diagnostic studies
  • 2D and 3D replicas of works of art, manuscripts and various forms of cultural heritage
  • Image licensing services
  • DAM services for image databases
  • Digital publishing and open data products
  • Educational project consultancy and development
  • Communication and marketing projects
  • Development of interactive solutions for complex activities within the territory
Target clients
  • 1. Independent collectors
  • 2. Cultural institutions
  • 3. Public and private organisations
  • 4. Galleries
  • 5. Museums
  • 6. Foundations
  • 7. Exhibition spaces
  • 8. Research and study centres
  • 9. Historical and corporate archives
About Haltadefinizione

Haltadefinizione, an Italian company founded in 2005, has many years of experience in revolutionising the fruition, the protection and the promotion of artistic and historic heritage both in Italy and abroad through the providing of specialised, innovative and personalised digital