Our experienced project managers
will advise you on the choice of materials,
reproduction, printing and binding techniques.

Our experienced
project managers
will advise you on the
choice of materials,
reproduction, printing
and binding techniques.

We provide you with ideas,
suggestions and technical advice,
and show you step by step how your
project meets your exact specifications.

We also take care of the actual
production management,
which means we will be right
there to approve, monitor and
check every phase of the process.

Our team has an evaluated,
tested and constantly monitored
network of partner companies that
can print and finish your project
to our specifications and requirements.

Prototype development

Packaging development

Production of mock-ups

Identification of paper solutions according to technical needs

Checking and taking into account the specific requirements of the destination country

Indeed, we offer you a global agency
that can develop your concepts,
produce your prototypes and
prepare your artwork.

Multi-angle shots for e-commerce

Reproduction of works of art

Creative shooting

Photo editing and retouching

Certified colour management

Video shooting and editing

Our company has its own digital photo studio and offers
the ability to create any photographs required for the
reproduction of your cultural heritage or for your
communication graphics, in close collaboration with
our pre-press department.

3D packaging and product photos

3D visualisation and augmented reality

3D animation and film production

We can help you breathe life into your future packshots,
even before their actual production phase.
We can support you from the creation of 3D visuals
right up to the delivery of digital assets.

Creation and design

Page layout

Proofreading and translation

Preparation of files for printing

Let us take care of your text layout to meet your graphic charter.
Our polygraphers can offer you customised designs.
They devote particular attention to the art of typography
– the very heart of our profession – by combining
strict adherence to the rules with aesthetic sensitivity.
They can also incorporate different languages
if you have chosen to publish your work in several languages.

Management of Advertising Print Media

Management of web ads and animated banners

Digital Assets Management

Use our web platform to facilitate the coordination,
centralisation and monitoring of your advertising campaigns.
In just a few clicks, your branches and agencies
can order and customise their advertisements
and promotional images. Don’t miss a single thing,
you can get an instant overview of your activities
or those of your colleagues.

UV offset printing (FSC® certified)

Digital printing (FSC® certified)

Lean print management

Print-on-demand and variable data management

MGI finishing system

High-end proofing

Our team works hard every day to create quality
products in record time using various printing
technologies. That’s why we always find the ideal
solution for your project.

We have the ideal solution for the production
of high quality printed matter in short runs.
Our digital press allows us to produce four-colour prints,
enhanced by selective varnish, gold foil stamping
or protective varnish, without compromising on quality.

Our twelve-colour machine, which can be converted
into six colours on both sides, is one of a kind
in Switzerland.This allows us to significantly
reduce production times, thus saving on the printing
budget without compromising on quality.