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We would be honored to create your next greeting card
6 December 2022
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With the arrival of the Christmas holidays, we know that our clients are already starting to think about greeting cards for their partners, customers and collaborators.

As every year, genoud makes its know-how and skills available to create with you personalized Christmas postcards and greeting cards with that little bit extra.
Following the customer’s idea, our team can develop the graphic concept and suggest the best finishes to create high-level cards, to give life to those that are not just greeting cards, but real works of art.
In fact, printing techniques, finishes and ennobles are the flagship of genoud also for Christmas cards.
Relief varnish, stamping, relief stamping, stamping and embossing, but also metal printing, stamping, glossy varnish and die-cutting.
We will be able to advise you on the best and most effective technique to create an unforgettable object: the best way to wish happy holidays and a happy new year.