The first issue of ge.M, genoud and Musumeci’s magazine

20 March 2024
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A new publishing project, the result of collaboration between the two companies.

We are extremely proud to announce the launch of ge.M, a new publishing project dedicated to the genoud/Musumeci group. Beauty, expressiveness and innovation have always played a central role in the activities of our Group, in our constant search for high quality and meticulous attention to detail, as well as an increased focus on new international markets.

The first issue of our printed magazine aims to provide a glimpse of the world of genoud and Musumeci and our principles, as well as an invitation to appreciate the timeless value of paper. It is therefore not a commercial magazine, but rather a space that offers interesting information on the Group’s partners and clients.

The articles and the in-depth information found in ge.M, published in both Italian and French, are divided into four macro-categories: “people”, “practices”, “projects” and “photos”. There will be a particular focus on ecology and sustainability, and on the impact that these themes have on the companies.

The magazine, which will be published annually, will be distributed to all our clients, who will also be able to view a digital format via the QR code printed on the hard copy.

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We wish you all a pleasant read!