What do you want to achieve with your work? Impression, amazement, astonishment, interest, attention?

Our long-standing project managers will advise you on the choice of materials, reproduction, printing, and binding techniques. We provide you with ideas, suggestions, and technical advice. We will show you step by step how your work exactly meets your target.

Advice and support

From the first contact to the final touch, you have one of our project managers as your sole contact person. He accompanies you, looks for the best solutions, suggests alternatives and refines all aspects of the development with you. Materials, deadlines, and prices are openly discussed. There are no unpleasant surprises. But you will love your successful work.

Project coordination and management

You have decided and now the project can begin. Your dedicated project manager is listening to you. He creates white mock-ups for you or develops special designs so that you can get a better idea of the final product. He takes care of everything, administrative management, provision of materials, coordination of production, contacts and arrangements with service providers and meeting deadlines. You can be assured that your project is in the best hands and that we will do the work with pleasure and passion.

Genoud Expert – your global printing network

If your products are to be distributed to various partners all over the world, we offer you an evaluated, tested and constantly monitored network of partner companies who carry out the printing and finishing according to our specifications and requirements.

Prototype and printing documents are prepared in our company. You validate the proposals and we ensure that the final product reaches your recipients exactly according to the “Swiss Made” specification, no matter in which country in the world. This means that no raw materials and supplies are transported unnecessarily, the impact on the climate is reduced and the budget is optimised. Genoud Expert, because we guarantee with our name.


We take over the entire logistics for you. From storage, delivery, and dispatch of your printed products. In Switzerland and abroad. Thanks to our experience, we guarantee a solid, reliable and above all safe organisation. Because confidentiality can also be a decisive factor for you. A complete service from a single source.